Health and Human Services Committee Reviews Several Bills for Omnibus Incorporation

Committee on Health and Human Services Finance and Policy

S.F. 1371 (Koran) Dental services uniform prior authorization and credentialing processes establishment.
S.F. 0701 (Senjem) Medical assistance coverage expansion to include adult periodontal disease nonsurgical treatment.
S.F. 1059 (Draheim) Rural health advisory committee additional member authorization.
S.F. 1919 (Draheim) Closed loop heat exchanger definition establishment; clarifying that a closed loop heat exchanger is an environmental well in certain situations.
S.F. 2110 (Draheim) Patient medical bill information requirements modification; health care price transparency requirements establishment.
S.F. 982 (Wiklund) Human services miscellaneous provisions governing children and family services, community supports, direct care and treatment, health care, human services licensing, background studies, and chemical and mental health services modifications; budget forecast adjustments; funds transfers.


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